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K. MADHAVAN, Managing Director

K. Madhavan started his career as a management trainee in the rubber industry and subsequently joined Kurl-On, Bangalore where hew as an integral part of the company's growth story right from 1977 to 2007 in which year he was president (Operations). Widely regarded as an authority in the mattress industry, Madhavan was one of the pioneers of the concept of branded mattresses. His immense foresight and invaluable expertise led to a revolutionary new vision - to position Inner Spring Mattresses as an affordable luxury. A vision that he has made come true at Peps Industries.


Degree in Chemistry, Bangalore University

Post-graduate Diploma in Polymer Technology, Indian Rubber Institute

Member of All India Rubber Industries Association (Tech Class)

Full-time Executive MBA, SP Jain, Mumbai

Certified in Management Science by Crest Com, Colorado

Certification in Management Education from Center For Continuing Education, IISc, Bangalore

Active Participant at several Management Development Programmes by IIMs


Joint Managing Director

G.Shankarram is known to peers and colleagues as a shrewd and astute businessman. So it's no surprise he spotted a gold mine of an opportunity when the branded mattresses segment in the country was booming. Using the concept of an ancillary not used too often in this segment, he ventured to establish what is now a 100 employee sting unit manufacturing rubberized coir at Hosur in Tamil Nadu. Shankarram's keen business acumen was at play again when the opportunity to be part of the Peps revolution first came up.


Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering, REC Surathkal

Founding Member and Major Stakeholder in Ascent Circuits, Hosur


P. MANJUNATH, Director

A visionary driven by the same vision that a booming and global india will tend towards internationally accepted Inner Spring Mattresses, P. Manjunath's conviction was vindicated when Peps went from strength to strength, built its own world-class facility and solid market credibility with a great brand like Restonic. He belongs to a first generation business family, starting his career with an ancillary unit of the Indian Telephone Industry way back in 1989. He then took over a sick PCB manufacturing unit and transformed and is the PCB supplier of choice for several firms in India and the world over. Currently, he is involved in a multinational communication project.


Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering, NIT Surathkal



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