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Polyester Fiber Pillow
Hollow sliconized fiber structure helps
retain original shape. Unique construction
ensoures the pillow remains non-bulky.
Guranteed to be free ot lumps.
MRP - 549/-
Super Soft Moulded
PU Foam Pillow
Provides great comfort that results in
long-term health benefits.
Its low resilient and high damping properties
de-stress your head, neck and shoulders.
MRP - 770/-
100% Memory Foam Pillow
Memory Foam is visco-elastic and
moulds to the natural shape of your
neck which avoids muscular
MRP - 2999/-
Contour Memory Foam
Contoured design block of Memory
Foam relieves muscles around the
neck and shoulder.
MRP - 2499/-
Tufted Pillow with
Memory Foam
Scientific tufted design to provides a feel
of 100% cotton filled pillow with support
and comfort. It also protests the spine
by relieving pressure around the neck.
MRP - 1888/-
All prices above are indicative of South Zone only.


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