5 sleep hacks to get rid of your back pain


Back pain can be debilitating. After the common cold, back pain is the chief reason for people taking off from work. It’s often the lower back pain that is the most common form of back pain. According to a study on the Global Burden of Diseases published in the medical journal The Lancet, lower back pain made up 2.59% of Disability-Adjusted Life Year (DALY) in 2017.

Significantly, back pain may not have causes that are due to some existing disease. A WHO study said lower back pain arises from ergonomic issues. Examples include overuse, working out or lifting too much, prolonged sitting or lying down. The choice and age of the mattress also come into play here.

Moreover, in this age of technology, postural habits and movement behaviours, including a lack of physical activity, are often cited as causes of back pain.

Back pain may have an impact on mental well-being too. Studies indicate that large proportions of adults with any type of back pain report fair to poor mental and physical health (25%), which is more than double of those without back pain.
There is no one strategy to cure the pain — it comes down to trial and error to discover what works for you!

Today, despite being busy and having hectic schedules, it is imperative to stretch as a way to strengthen the spine. The stretching of the spine in the morning is the right way to wake up. Shoulder rolls, forward bends and full overhead stretch are beneficial.

Avoid an oversoft bed
When suffering from back pain, you need to worry about the mattress. The right mattress will help rectify musculoskeletal imbalances that are responsible for back pain, knee pain etc. Spine guard, Peps’ model that is mainly meant to support the spine will help.

Deep breathe
Once you sit or recline, the diaphragm gets constricted. Deep breathing is essential not only for your spine but also in one’s overall well-being. Deep breathing puts pressure on the chest as you inhale and exhale. When standing, breathe with the diaphragm, thus lengthening the spine, and expanding the upper and lower back.

Yoga is a natural way to relieve pain. Yoga poses are excellent for strengthening the back, shoulders, spine, and pelvis. They help in relaxing the stressed muscles. Bridge pose, triangle pose, bow pose are some yoga asanas that help strengthen your spine.

Stretch and Extend
Lie on the stomach on a mat with legs extended. Prop up the upper part of the body by resting the weight on the forearms. Position the hands to make the palms face down. Stretch the back and the abdomen, hold for 30 seconds.

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