5 things to keep in mind while designing your new bedroom


Have you ever walked into a bedroom that feels right? While the people around you play a massive role in making you feel comfortable, the chances are that the room is well designed for your comfort. Designing the bedroom of your dreams can be a challenge! The room has to be beautiful, and your intuition has to be right. 

Here are five things to keep in mind while designing your new bedroom!

  • Function

The functionality of your bedroom is the most crucial factor to consider while designing your comfort space. The aesthetics of your bedroom largely depends on your needs, desires and hobbies. Is the room going to be your crashing space after a long day at work? Is it going to be your office space where you make all your professional decisions? Answers to these questions will decide the foundation of your design. The amount of time you spend in the room and the activities that you prefer will play an essential role in the design of your bedroom.


  • Storage 

The list of things you store in your bedroom is long. Everything from clothes, accessories and handbags to essential documents, bed-sheets and your favourite personal items go into your bedroom. Storage with creativity will help you organize your bedroom without cluttering your own space. Your storage units must be well organized and aesthetically appealing. Designing a wardrobe to the ceiling height or using secret cabinets and shelves will also help you store your valuables without disrupting the theme of your bedroom. Drawers and shelves can be designed in sync with the overall design of your bedroom. 


  • Colour Palette and Visual Comfort

What mood do you want to create in your bedroom? The answer to this question will help you decide the visual aesthetic of your room. Calm and subtle colours are usually preferred over loud and bright colours for a bedroom. Neutral shades avoid unnecessary distraction and noise. If you prefer bright hues, make sure that you use a lighter shade of your favourite red or violet on your bedroom walls. Soothing shades and restful palettes will instantly make you feel at home. Contrast the subtle shades with bright upholstery and décor to avoid a boring set up. Toast browns, topaz and deep pomegranate against subtle shades like hues of blue and green will create a refreshing aesthetic to your new bedroom. Sleep accessories accentuate the visual aesthetic of your bedroom. Peps’ sleep accessories available in various colours and styles will highlight the design of your comfort space!


  • Adjustment of Light

Lighting is an essential aspect of interior design. The amount of natural and artificial lighting can revolutionize the ambience of your bedroom. Proper lighting will emphasize the colours, textures, materials and décor of your bedroom. The size and location of your windows can make a massive difference in the overall design of your bedroom. Layering the lights throughout your room is always a great option! Soft illumination and reading lights will enhance the functionality of your bedroom.


  • Comfort

Minimalistic, rustic, or contemporary! No matter how you define your taste in décor and design, make sure that the elements make you feel at home. Find pieces that genuinely fit your taste and comfort. Some of us prefer sleek modern furniture and clean linen while others prefer decorative pieces and large traditional windows with bright drapes. Your bed is the master of your bedroom. Comfortable and stylish mattresses like Peps Zenimo, Peps Organica and Peps Cameo will change the look and feel of your bedroom. Luxurious, classic and stylish, the new Peps mattresses along with our unique product Gripster are the perfect blend of style and comfort, especially while sitting and working on bed. 

Personalize your bedroom with your favourite pieces of furniture and rugs. Make sure that the décor adds meaning to your bedroom and make the statement that you intend to make. Above all, make sure that you design a bedroom that you will want to come home to every single day!

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