7 Points to Help You Thrive During the Corona Lockdown


After the Janta Curfew and an extended lockdown, India is at home. Everyday life as we knew it has changed. Offices have been asked to stay shut, public spaces remain closed and stepping out of the house is not an option, except, of course, to buy everyday essentials, and in case of an emergency. Staying at home is a necessity at the moment, but it can be quite a daunting task to remain at home for a long time. However, the whole situation can be looked at a lot more favourably with a little shift in perspective. 

The lockdown can also be seen as an immense opportunity to do things you’ve wanted to do for a long time, but just could not fit into your already full and demanding schedule.

So we thought, why not list down some things you can do at home to make this lockdown meaningful, happy, fun and even a time that you can look back at and be proud of when life becomes normal. 

  1. Focus on self-care: 

If you’ve had a hectic routine at work or even at home, maybe it’s time to slow down. Use the lockdown as a moment to breathe and take better care of yourself. Take a moment to see how you’re doing physically, emotionally and even spiritually. Are there gaps that need your attention? Analyse the areas that require improvement and create a plan for the next few weeks. Maybe start with a simple meditation session for 5 minutes every day.

  1. Let social distancing bring you closer to loved ones- over the phone: 

Social distancing can be a misleading idea. The term refers to a set of non-pharmaceutical measures taken to stop the spread of a contagious disease, by maintaining a physical distance between people. However, you can always use this time to catch-up with old friends and indulge in some good old banter. So pick up the phone and call your loved ones up. Chances are, they are as overwhelmed by the pandemic as you. So why go through this time alone? 

  1. Discover the book-worm within:

Is there a book that’s been on your reading list for a long time? Now is the time to devour it from cover to cover. Books make it easier to pass the time while teaching you how to relate to people, cultures and even the world at large. While the pandemic has you at home, a book can help you cope with the anxiety and boredom. So don’t let the dust settle on your reading goals!  

  1. Give those muscles a chance to grow: 

Are you guilty of not following up on your fitness resolution for this year? Several studies have shown that gyms are the most crowded during the first few days of January. Within just fifteen days, people lose their zeal to become a fitter version of themselves. But that does not have to be the case for you. Use this lockdown to turn your fitness journey around. Start with small yet progressive goals and work towards making fitness a part of your everyday life. 

  1. Get in touch with your creative side: 

Do you remember a time when you flaunted your creative skills in front of your peers? Was this when you were in school or even at university? No matter how small your talent or how long ago you practised it last, you can pick it up again. If you painted earlier, ask yourself why you stopped and start a project that engages the artist in you. No matter what your creative interest, pick up where you left off and create something that’ll bring a smile on your face.

  1. Pick up the pieces to get well-organised: 

A lockdown is a great time to assess and work your way through piles of old documents, receipts and even emails that have been piling up every day. There’s always that one corner full of doctor’s prescriptions, bills, bank statements and receipts. Now is the time to declutter. Work your way through the stockpile and do away with the junk. Done with the papers? Good, now look for other things lying around that can be disposed to create new breathing space in your house. 

  1. Sleep your way to a more fulfilling lockdown:

Interestingly, all the other activities listed above can become more fulfilling if you’ve been able to sleep peacefully. It’s almost effortless to let the circadian rhythm spiral out of control while staying at home. So pay special attention to your sleeping habits. See how you can allow yourself to sleep better in these tough times. Start by adjusting the bright lighting in your room and avoiding screen-time before going to bed. Find out more about improving sleep quality in our blog section

Now that you have some actionable pointers to improve your well-being during the lockdown, we encourage you to get started right away. Remember, the lockdown will get over, but the progress you choose to make during this time will stay with you for a lifetime. 

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