Can a mattress affect your posture?


A good posture is more than just standing up straight, it contributes to a healthy spine. A spine consists of three natural curves – one at the neck, mid-back, and lower back. A correct posture ideally, should maintain these curves. And while regular exercises, physical activity, and yoga do help you attain a better posture, a good mattress can also be one of the major contributing factors to a healthy spine.

Sleeping on the wrong mattress leads to unnatural alignment, building pressure on your shoulders and hips. Contrary to popular belief, sleeping on a hard mattress does not necessarily guarantee the right support. It can intensify the pressure on the shoulders and hips, causing the spine to arch upwards. On the other hand, a soft mattress that
allows the body to sink in does not offer enough support to the spine and causes the body to flop back, leading to crooked spine alignment.

So, it goes without saying that the wrong sleeping posture on an unsuited mattress can lead to chronic back pain and other back problems. Hence, choosing the right mattress is quite important. By understanding your sleeping posture, you can maintain your spinal health and make your sleep more restful and energizing. Let’s take a step
towards making sure we maintain the right posture and reduce our back problems by choosing the right mattress.

A memory foam mattress, allows you to change the functioning of your memory foam pillow as per your need, by adjusting the height between your neck and shoulder. A solid foam mattress can adapt to your body’s shape and prevent back pain. The ability of a foam mattress to adapt ensures that while the shoulders and hips sink into
the mattress, the neck and waist remain elevated. Another fruitful option would be a spring mattress, fully equipped to suit your needs as they can adapt to posture changes.

At Peps, we have a wide range of mattresses that you can explore to find your perfect suit. Our experienced mattress experts will guide you through the benefits of each of the variants, recommending what will help you improve and maintain your posture.

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