How to avoid morning headaches this lockdown

Morning is the most common, although annoying time of day to get a headache. Studies indicate that 1 out of 13 people experience morning headache quite frequently. You won’t disagree that there’s probably nothing nastier than starting your day with a wrenching headache. It puts a damper on your productivity and certainly ruins the whole […]

Best Diets for Healthy Sleep

“Just drink a warm mug of milk before bed! All your sleep problems will go away.” Sounds familiar? Don’t worry, this is not another article that just states the obvious. While we all wish for one magical sleep elixir that will make our sleep problems disappear, that’s just wishful thinking. However, a few systematic changes […]

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Mattress

How often do you think about the mattress that you sleep on every night? While the average human spends 9,480 days of their lives sleeping, a lot remains unknown about our beds. From unknown benefits to unheard origin stories, your mattress has a large number of tales to tell. Here are five things that you […]

You Asked, We Answered

A night of restful and uninterrupted sleep can often feel like a tall order. From erratic sleep schedules to busy routines, a range of obstacles have served to prevent individuals from sleeping soundly. At Peps, we understand the effects of a disturbed night’s sleep on physical and mental health. We asked for your sleep queries […]

Five Ways to Optimize Sleep for Night Shifts

In this blog, we provide ways through which people who work night shifts can get good sleep and feel refreshed.    Night shift employees are more aware of this than most who take it for granted – sleep is vital to functioning like a normal human being. But when you’re sleeping at odd hours and […]

Five Ways to Choose the Right Mattress for Your Dream Home

Designing your dream home can be exhausting. From furniture to paint colours – the list of decisions to make are endless, and the right mattress is simply another addition to this long list. However, choosing the right mattress can make or break your dream home. Buying a mattress can often be an overwhelming process, due […]

Five Reasons Why You Should Gift Your Loved Ones a Mattress

Choosing the perfect gift can often be a challenging prospect, as it involves finding something that is unique, meaningful and practical at the same time. Do you know someone who constantly complains of tiredness, sore muscles or other sleep problems? A mattress might be the perfect gift for them! While a mattress may not be […]

Five Ways a Mattress Can Improve Your Mood

Do you often describe yourself as decidedly not a ‘morning person’? Most of our mornings tend to start with groans, snooze buttons and cranky moods. Often, this bad mood does not end with mornings, but extends into the rest of our day as well. Research indicates a close link between sleep and mood, with inadequate […]

Five Ways To Design Your Bedroom For Comfortable Sleep

The bedroom is a sanctuary for sleep and relaxation, and the feeling of walking into the right one after a long day is unmatched. An undisturbed and restorative night’s sleep involves the combination of a range of factors, including your bedtime routine, sleep timing and of course, the sleep setting itself. Bedrooms are often a […]

Five Ways to Get Better Sleep

Are you tired of struggling to fall asleep, stay asleep or wake up refreshed? Today, the sleep-deprived, highly-caffeinated person has become the archetype of the typical urban populace. Sleep is a complex, but vital process, that influences a wide range of mental and physical activities. Therefore, having the right quantity and quantity of sleep is […]