Five Reasons Why You Should Gift Your Loved Ones a Mattress


Choosing the perfect gift can often be a challenging prospect, as it involves finding something that is unique, meaningful and practical at the same time. Do you know someone who constantly complains of tiredness, sore muscles or other sleep problems? A mattress might be the perfect gift for them! While a mattress may not be a typical gift, it is sure to add a lot of value to the recipient’s life. Here are five reasons why a mattress is the perfect gift for your loved ones. 

Everyone needs sleep, so you cannot go wrong!

A mattress is the perfect gift idea for people of all age-groups – ranging from kids to grandparents. Sleep is a universal need, one that you can help satisfy by picking out a perfect mattress for your loved ones. By giving someone a mattress, you are giving them the gift of an improved night’s sleep, and anyone would appreciate that!

Replicates a hotel-experience

Sleeping on a fresh, comfortable bed is one of the most enjoyable parts of a hotel stay. Most hotels invest in high-quality mattresses because it is a crucial part of the bedroom experience. As Covid-19 imposes a range of travel restrictions, many people are wistfully remembering their vacations and holidays. Gifting a plush and luxurious mattress such as Peps Crystal or a hotel-grade mattress such as Peps Restonic, allows the recipient to replicate that relaxing hotel experience at bedtime. 

Highly personalised and thoughtful gift idea. 

Gifting a mattress to a loved one shows that you care, and therefore acts as an extremely thoughtful gift idea. Moreover, tailoring your mattress choice for the person’s unique sleep problems makes for a highly personalised gift. For instance, a mattress with features for optimal back-support, such as Peps Spine Guard , is perfect for a person with persistent backaches. 

Improves quality of life 

A new mattress does not just enhance sleep, but offers a wide range of benefits to your physical and mental health. Research indicates that a new mattress can help reduce allergy symptoms, relieve stress and provide respite from aches and pains. Nobody enjoys the frustration of tossing and turning in bed all night, only to wake up cranky and tired the next morning. A new mattress can improve your loved ones’ mood every morning, and enhance the quality of their entire day.

Durable and long-lasting

Unlike many other gifts, a high-quality  mattress can provide its benefits for several years. The average mattress lasts for at least 8-10 years, with some mattresses offering even more durability. A good mattress therefore, goes far beyond the initial joy of unwrapping a present, and provides its benefits for years to come. However, it is important to do your research, and ensure that you choose a mattress that is built to last long, and won’t wear out easily with time. 

The perils of an old or uncomfortable mattress can often go unnoticed, and result in people unknowingly sacrificing their health and sleep quality. By giving your loved ones a mattress, you are not just giving them better sleep, but also a better lifestyle and better health in the long run. So ditch the chocolates and flowers, and give your family and friends the gifts of great sleep and refreshed mornings!

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