How sleep can help you succeed


how sleep can help you succeed

Solve tougher problems by sleeping well. A research study ( published by the US National institute of Health demonstrates this finding conclusively.

Fifty undergraduate college students were tested twice with math problems. The first time, when they were well rested and the second time when they were sleep deprived. It was found that the students selected less challenging problem when they were sleep deprived.

In other words, the students knew they could not face tougher problems and took the easier road so they would not fail the math test altogether. While this student behaviour is not critical during the experiment, it certainly will not help you succeed in your career and climb the corporate ladder.

Sleep is an irreplaceable part of your daily routine and receiving the required amount & quality of it, is as essential for your survival as food and water. Adequate quality shut-eye helps you solve tougher problems and respond faster while making fewer mistakes. It helps rejuvenate the body’s cells, and plays a house keeping role by clearing out harmful toxins that build up between brain cells during waking hours.

One time that you spend in bed can be spent in blissful slumber or just tossing and turning under the covers, it depends greatly on your mattress. So you’ll want to try the mattress to ensure it is worth the investment before you buy. It is recommended to lie in your usual sleep position for 10-15 mins to understand how the mattress surface responds to your body. If the mattress provides you with the right support for your body by reinforcing your sleeping posture, then it is the right mattress for you.

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