How to avoid morning headaches this lockdown


Morning is the most common, although annoying time of day to get a headache. Studies indicate that 1 out of 13 people experience morning headache quite frequently. You won’t disagree that there’s probably nothing nastier than starting your day with a wrenching headache. It puts a damper on your productivity and certainly ruins the whole seizing the day thing, especially considering the current global situation. Morning headaches have been amplified due to the massive amount of anxiety and stress related to the pandemic.

If we want to be at our peak throughout the day, we need to start the day correctly. Don’t worry, you will not have to wake up another day with a crummy headache. Here, we share five common tips to fend them off.

Here are some tips you could follow

Ditch the TechWho knew ‘Doomscrolling’ would become an actual thing, particularly surfacing during the pandemic. Sleep experts suggest that you avoid screen time in the two hours leading up to your bedtime. Your iPad, Phone, or laptop may keep you entertained, but it also over stimulates your mind, thereby causing a delay in sleep as you will have to wait for your mind to calm down.

Tracking what you consume– What we consume before we hit the hay has a bearing on our chances of waking up with a headache. For instance, drinking coffee too late into the day may result in delayed sleep. However, sometimes not eating is what causes the disaster! If you went to bed without eating any food at all, then several things could add up to a headache in the morning- gastritis, muscle tension, dilation of the blood vessels etc.

Make meditation the new cool– Anxiety and depression are increasingly common, particularly when life has come to a standstill, thereby causing you to have a bad night’s sleep. If you’re feeling over-pressured or over-burdened by life, try your hand at meditation or practicing yoga. It helps calm the mind, improves blood circulation all around the body, and helps rejuvenate.

 Hydration is the key– It is extremely integral to sufficiently maintain your hydration levels. Continually waking up with a sore head might indicate that you need more fluid into your system.

Fight the ALC– Talking about alcohol, you just need a few drinks in your system till you finally wake up the next morning with a banging headache. While it is generally advised to avoid alcohol for better health, the trick here is to drink smartly and within your tolerance. It’s advisable to refrain from drinking with an empty stomach, consume water in between alcoholic drinks, and avoid drinking too much in one go. 

With these few tips mentioned above, you can ‘Rise and Shine’ every morning and be at your extreme best.

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