How to get your sleeping routine back on track during a pandemic


Ever since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, much of the working population has cooped themselves up within their respective houses. With most people working from home, nearly all their daily routines have taken a beating. 

The set routine of waking up early and getting ready for work is no longer a necessity as the formal dressing has more or less been done away with. 

Be it eating habits or sleep routines, they have impacted all the habits and routines we take for granted. From the time we wake up, till we hit the sack at night, we develop a habit of falling into a set routine. Many of them become habits that we take to the grave. These habits have been developed over the years, with many habits even being followed after being set in place from early childhood.

Impact on sleep habits

The information overload can have a direct impact on life, and with the normal commute and work schedule vanishing, there is a high risk of one’s sleep schedule getting defenestrated. One may end up staying awake later than usual as they get engrossed in the latest news headlines. 

To find a proper sleep schedule, these steps could help. 

  • First, decide when you need to get up for work while accounting for the lesser commitments in the morning. Working back, if you aim for seven hours of sleep and need to wake up by 6 am, plan to get to bed by 11 pm at the latest.
  • Begin winding down one hour before bedtime and prepare to sleep. Get off your phone, computer, TV or other screens by 10 pm. Why not set a recurring alarm on the phone to prepare the mind for sleep.
  • With the uncertainties lingering in our lives, setting aside time to recharge is essential. Stay on social media and watch the news as little as possible. Instead, find something relaxing. 
  • You can relax through exercise, by praying, reading books you enjoy, listening to music, spending time with family, or rediscovering a creative hobby.

These habits will definitely ensure that you are able to get a sound sleep at night and wake up recharged for starting on a new day ready to face challenges thrown at you.

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