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#knowyourmattress series has been created to help you understand the different characteristics and advantages of each mattress. This will help you choose the right mattress for yourself or your loved ones.




Organic cotton is natural because there are no irritating chemicals when grown and used during production. This cotton is hypoallergenic, which reduces the risks of allerigies and asthma. Comfort is increased by the natural organic cotton used in bedding, as it wicks away moisture better than its chemically saturated counterpart. Cotton’s breathability also allows it to absorb and release moisture without feeling damp, helpful in keeping comfortable throughout the night – cooler during the summer and warmer during the winter. The lack of harsh chemical solvents, softeners, and dyes contribute to finer end product less likely to cause skin irritations or reactions as well.




Latex foam provides exact pinpointed support and reacts instantly to your every move.  Latex foam does not “sink in” and “bottom out” as the night goes by.  It maintains constant support and does not get softer in warmer conditions.  This makes it extremely easy to move throughout the night without any sleep interruption. The pinpointed support allows certain areas of the body to sink further into the mattress while others are supported. This is especially helpful to side sleepers




Bonded foam, or Memory Rebond foam , is a moulded polyurethane product made from pieces of shredded flexible polyurethane foam, held together with a binder. It has relative high density and excellent resilience. Due to the material, we can guarantee that you will be having no problems of bacteria, fungus or dust mites. Rebonded Foam Mattress is designed to be used in making of sleeping mattress and provide utmost relaxation to the body. The Rebonded memory is for providing perfect body posture and extra support. Rebonded are made using quality grade materials to make it environment friendly.




Polyurethane Foam gives durability, comfort, and support. Peps Organica contains properly used polyurethane foam for comfortable surface. It also offers the benefits of being noiseless, dustless, and resisting crumbling and matting. Polyurethane foam does not aggravate the majority of allergies and lacks a residual odor. It also has an open cell structure that lets the material breathe and reduces the chance of mold and mildew infestation.




Pocket spring covers contain hundreds and thousands of springs that are encased in individual soft fabric pockets below the layers of sumptuous fillings. This type of mattress is quite well-liked because the springs work independently at the right tension. Even if two people share the same bed, these mattresses will support each of them individually, giving them appropriate support. Beginning from head to toe, you will experience deep level of support with pocket spring mattress and also does not disturb each other’s sleep in the event of tossing and turning on the mattress


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