Peps Double Decker ensures luxurious sleep.

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Mumbai ,June. 19, 2017.: Peps Double Decker, a premium mattress from the ultra-luxury segment of Peps Industries, helps you sleep comfortably and without any disturbance. The mattress is a hybrid of the world’s best known natural rubber latex foam “Talalay” from Holland, which is known for its softness and micro pocketed springs with a stamp of zero disturbance for people. Peps Double Decker has outstanding breath-ability which forces body heat into the mattress, through the micro structure and out, which ensures a cool feeling in the summers and a warm feeling in the winters.
Peps Double Decker is the only mattress with a combination of Bonnell Spring and micro Pocketed units which gives utmost comfort and support to users. The “Talalay” latex foam has the ability to conform to one’s body curves, allowing the weight to be even distributed and thus, eliminating the existence of pressure points whole one sleeps. The knitted fabric used is ultra-lush with Rayon yarn which is superior moisture absorbent and fire resistant.
Available in sixteen inch thickness, the ultra-luxu1y mattress comes along with an elegant wooden case and headboard, polished and upholstered to perfection.
Peps is the only Indian company to have a licensing agreement with Restonic Corporation, one of the world’s largest mattress companies. This unlocks for Peps a wide range of trade secrets and technology that is unavailable to other mattress companies in India that Peps leverages on to create the best products for the Indian consumers.

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