Peps Industries Calls For Wake Up Day

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Bangalore, March 18, 2017: Peps Industries, India’s leading spring mattress manufacturing company, observed March 18, as Peps Wake Up Day, to remind people that while juggling between different chores. peaceful sleep must also be prioritised.
Peps’ tagline “Live the #Pepslife” calls for people to wake up ready for anything and in turn live an energetic and hardworking life. Peps Wake Up Day is celebrated the day after World Sleep Day, This is to help people understand the importance of a good sleep, as well as the resultant effect of being ambitious, awake and able to pursue their dreams towards a better India.
On the occasion of Peps Wake Up Day. K Madhavan. Managing Director, Peps Industries, said, “Success and opportunity also come with fatigue and burnout. With hard work in our genes, we often ignore the importance of sleep. A good night’s sleep imbibes a feeling of confidence and energy which will help you tackle any challenge that comes by during the day. By celebrating Peps Wake Up Day. we are highlighting the importance of sleep to help one wake up ready for anything and thus, living the Peps life.”
Peps holds the majority stake in India’s spring mattress market and has played a crucial role in bringing world-class affordable spring mattresses to Indian

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