Peps Industries’ unique marketing initiative ‘Wake Up Day’ sees tremendous response

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Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], Mar 21 (NewsVoir): Peps Industries Pvt. Ltd., India’s top-selling spring mattress manufacturing company celebrated Peps Wake Up Day at Cubbon ParkBengaluru over the weekend. The event saw a participation of around 1000 people across all age groups.

The unique marketing initiative featured a 5 kilometer run followed by a rejuvenating yoga session. Both the activities were supported by renowned health and fitness experts. While everyone celebrated World Sleep Day on 16th March, Peps rightly hosted this fun event the day after that embodied the brand philosophy of being fresh, kinetic, energetic and optimistic. With this initiative Peps celebrated its brand positioning of living the #Pepslife which stands for an active, energetic and dynamic lifestyle.

The crowd at the event enthusiastically participated and enjoyed the fresh air, greenery and an action-packed morning. Through the event, Peps attempted to help crowd understand importance of healthy sleep hygiene and a positive, active lifestyle along with the idea of energetic and optimistic outlook in life. The event was in line with Peps’ positioning of helping people wake up fresh.

K. Madhavan, Managing Director, Peps Industries Pvt. Ltd. said, “We are proud to say that we are the first brand to celebrate Wake Up Day in the country. To see such a huge crowd of people coming together to participate and celebrate Peps Wake Up Day was heartening. The importance of waking up fresh and active is something that people tend to overlook in this day and age where stress levels are at their peak. Through such an initiative, we would like to invite people to Live the #PepsLife which stands for waking up and staying up fresh, and witness the impact it has on your day!”

Shankar Ram, Joint Managing Director, Peps Industries said, “Brand Peps stands for active, energetic lifestyle. Keeping the same ethos in mind we have curated this event which is for people to understand the importance of staying fresh and living an energetic lifestyle. It’s amazing to see so many people gathered here to celebrate the very idea of Peps life”. (NewsVoir)

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