Simple Ways to Become a Better Learner During a Global Pandemic


The world is going through a critical time. The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted almost all aspects of everyday life. Never before in the modern era have people been locked up at home with each other for such long periods of time. But this period can also be your chance to explore new opportunities and pick up skills you’ve always wanted to acquire.

You may wonder which skills you should pick up first. The most practical choice would be to learn ones that can help you be more productive at work daily. With an increase in free time and the hours spent online, it’s now easier for one to soak in knowledge. Think about all your long-term goals and aspirations. Now is the time to take active steps towards making them a reality.

The availability of learning material through new mediums has made learning from home much more accessible. Here are some ways you can enhance your learning and growth during this time:

  1. Make time for unconventional learning:
    Leveraging the resources available on the Internet and even reading books is an effective way to start learning. The rise of new ways to learn has ensured that the best courses from the top universities and institutions in the world are available at just the click of a mouse. Thanks to the Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs), you can instantly access courses and learning material from across the world.
  1. Be a curious learner:
    It’s an excellent time to feed your thirst for knowledge as most of the world is spending time indoors. So make a list of the topics that excite you and start your learning journey without further ado. Earlier, no time was an excuse, but now you might have more free time than you’ll ever have in the future. So make the best use of it. Although it might feel like things are in a limbo, you can choose to resist the stagnation by taking control of your learning and growth. For all you know, it could open up a few vistas of new opportunities even during the pandemic.
  1. Channel your emotions towards learning:
    Channel your inner anxieties and stresses to make progress in personal growth. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought quite a few uncertainties in everyday life. Most people are feeling isolated and disconnected from their family and friends. While there is no substitution for social connection, channelling such strong emotions towards learning can help you make significant strides in education. You can rediscover your academic passion or learn about a new development that can shape the future of your field of work.
  1. Take one step at a time:
    It can be a natural temptation to take up as many new courses as possible or cram the reading of numerous books in a short duration of time. But such an approach will cause a steady decline in interest and focus. Be careful instead to choose a more practical approach that leverages the power of consistency. Making little but continual progress is better than making erratic progress through random spurts of learning. Approach your growth in a planned and organised manner. Have a goal and set a reasonable deadline, both of which allow for regular study and deep learning. It would serve you better to engage in fewer courses with more focus and time to internalise the lessons than to skim over multiple courses with lesser time to learn.

So go ahead, begin your learning journey today! The world is going through a difficult phase, but remember, this can be your chance to follow your passions and build your dreams.


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